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Frequently asked questions

Who is your service best suited for?

Our service is best suited for eCommerce businesses that are looking to grow and scale their businesses but don’t have enough time or resources to hire a full marketing team in-house. These businesses have the capability to invest in marketing and need a marketing partner to help them spark new ideas and execute on digital marketing strategies. If you want results but also an agency you can genuinely trust and will partner with you long term, you've come to the right place.

Why not just hire in-house?

Hiring an in-house time requires a lot of time and money. On average, it would be up to $200k per year to hire your own in-house team. Even then, you still have to train your staff which could take up to 3-6 months. Given we focus on digital marketing every day, we provide the insights and experience to grow your business without the friction of hiring your own team. Additionally, we also offer in-house training so we can upskill your internal staff if you wish to build one as well.

Do you develop the creatives for the ads?

Yes. We build, setup and manage the whole function of your ads department. This includes the creative process of developing the creative and copy, setting up conversion tracking, optimising your campaigns and managing your ads budget at scale.

Why shouldn't I just hire someone overseas or on fiverr to do your job for a fraction of the cost?

You pay for what you get. Yes, we could make it cheaper and match the cost of someone from fiverr or upwork… But what if we were we wouldn’t be able to give you the time and attention you need. We wouldn’t have a pod of dedicated marketing specialists looking after your business every day. We wouldn’t be able to offer you everything you need in one place to grow your business.
You would be another number on the board; hiring a cheap solution with lackluster results. You’re not getting a digital marketing agency - you’re getting an in-house marketing team, just external to your business. And that is a fraction of what that would cost you to hire internally.

Frequently Asked