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How Much Does SEO Cost in Australia?

Updated: Apr 17

Are you wondering how much SEO costs in Australia? You’re not alone. It’s a big question, especially when you’re focused on cost and the return you’ll get from your investment. We all want value for money, right?

In this article, we’re cutting straight to the chase on SEO pricing in Australia. Whether you’re running a small cafe or a growing startup, understanding what you’re paying for and what you can expect in return is important. 

From the nitty-gritty of different SEO services to the factors that nudge the cost needle, we’ll walk you through it all, even throwing in some handy tips for picking the perfect SEO partner.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about boosting your website's visibility in search results, a crucial tactic for attracting more potential customers.  It includes different types of services:

  • On-page SEO focuses on content and keyword optimisation within your site.

  • Off-page SEO involves external factors like backlinks and social media presence.

  • Technical SEO deals with the website's technical aspects to meet search engine algorithms. 

Understanding these SEO services is vital to grasp how costs are determined. Each type requires varying expertise, time, and resources, influencing the total cost. 

To learn more about these different SEO services, check out our SEO glossary.

How Much Does SEO Cost in Australia?

Small to medium-sized businesses usually spend between AUD 1,000 and AUD 5,000 per month on SEO. The exact cost depends on what services you need and the size of your business.

SEO involves quite a bit of work, including keyword research, content creation, and ongoing site optimisation, which is why the costs can vary. For just the basics, you might be looking at around AUD 800 to AUD 2,500 per month. But if you're after a more thorough strategy, the price could exceed AUD 5,000 monthly.

At JRNY Digital, our SEO package starts at AUD 1,500 per month. This comprehensive package covers everything from keyword discovery and Google Business Profile optimisation to in-depth reporting and content optimisation. Plus, you get a 12-month strategic marketing growth plan tailored to your needs. 

When choosing an SEO plan, remember it's all about finding the right fit for your budget and goals. It's not just the cost but the value that matters. For a precise quote, you can visit our Pricing Page or talk to us directly.

Pricing Models for SEO Services

Choosing the right SEO pricing model is essential for your business, and it’s important to match it with your needs and budget. Here’s a quick rundown of the three common SEO pricing models: monthly retainers, project-based fees, and hourly rates.

Pricing Model

Monthly Retainer Fees

Project-Based Fees

Hourly Consulting Rates


A fixed monthly fee for ongoing SEO support and optimisation.

Fees charged based on the specific campaign or project’s scope and complexity.

Payment based on the actual hours of consultancy or work provided.

Best Suited For

Businesses seeking long-term, continuous SEO strategies.

Businesses with specific, one-time projects or campaigns.

Businesses needing targeted, short-term SEO tasks or advice.

Cost Predictability

High - consistent monthly charges.

Medium - varies with project scope, but agreed upon upfront.

Low - depends on the hours worked, which can vary.


Low - typically involves a contract with a set scope of work.

High - tailored to the specific needs of a single project.

Very High - pay for only the hours you need.


Long-term - usually involves a contract for a set period.

Short-term - engagement concludes with the project.

No long-term commitment - used as needed.


Comprehensive - covers various aspects of SEO.

Project-specific - intensely focused on a particular area or goal.

Specialised - concentrates on specific issues or tasks.

Remember, SEO costs aren’t just about paying for time. It’s about crafting an effective strategy. This includes expenses for SEO tools (the technical side of things), content creation (since top-notch content is crucial), and other digital marketing activities that boost your SEO plan.

Key Factors Affecting SEO Costs in Australia

  1. Website Complexity and Size: Larger, more complex websites require more extensive SEO efforts, leading to higher costs.

  2. Competitive Landscape in Your Niche: In a high-stakes market? You'll need a more robust, crafty SEO strategy, which can nudge up the price.

  3. Desired Timeliness for SEO Results: Want speedy results? That'll need more resources and some smart tactics, affecting the price.

  4. Location and Target Audience: Aiming at a specific location or audience? This can add layers of complexity to your SEO strategy, influencing the cost.

How to Choose the Right SEO Agency for Your Business

Selecting the ideal SEO agency is crucial – it’s like finding the right business partner. Here’s a guide to help you pick an agency that aligns perfectly with your business goals:

  1. Define Your SEO Goals: Start by clearly outlining your SEO objectives. What do you want to achieve? This clarity will help you find an agency that specialises in meeting your specific needs.

  2. Look for Transparency and Credibility: Choose an agency open about their methods and realistic about outcomes. A credible agency will be upfront about their strategies and expected results.

  3. Evaluate Communication Style: Good communication is vital. Make sure the agency’s communication style fits well with yours. They should be easy to understand and responsive to your queries.

  4. Consider Expertise and Services: Choose an agency with a wide range of SEO skills, like expertise in local SEO. A comprehensive service range is beneficial. comprehensive approach to your SEO strategy.

  5. Inquire About Tools and Techniques: The tools and techniques an agency uses are important. Ask about their resources for keyword research, analytics, and how they report progress.

  6. Discuss Pricing and Contracts: Understand their pricing structure and contract terms. It’s essential to know the financial and contractual commitment you are making.

Looking for an agency that meets all these criteria? Reach out to us at JRNY Digital! We offer a blend of transparency, expertise, and comprehensive SEO services that could be just what your business needs to excel online.

Cheap SEO vs Quality SEO: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

When deciding on SEO services, it's like choosing between two types of shoes: the cheap pair that looks appealing due to its low cost, and the quality pair that costs more but lasts longer. Cheap SEO might seem like a good deal initially, offering quick fixes at a low price, but it often leads to only short-term benefits and can potentially harm your online presence in the long run.

On the other hand, quality SEO is like investing in a durable, well-crafted pair of shoes. It might be more expensive upfront, but it provides lasting value. Quality SEO means a deep dive into understanding your business, effectively targeting your audience, and crafting a digital marketing strategy in line with your long-term objectives. 

In SEO, "you get what you pay for" is a fitting adage. While low-cost options are tempting, they may miss out on significant opportunities for growth. However, a higher cost doesn't automatically guarantee better service. The goal is to find an agency that delivers high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Assessing the ROI of SEO Investments

Measuring the ROI of SEO is key to understanding the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Consider the following metrics:

  • Traffic Metrics: An increase in organic traffic is a good sign your SEO is working.

  • Conversion Rates: More than just attracting visitors, it's about what they do on your site. Conversions link SEO directly to business results.

  • Ranking Improvements: Rising in search rankings indicates successful SEO.

Long-Term Value of Quality SEO

Investing in quality SEO sets a strong foundation for your online presence. It’s about long-term strategy, leading to a sustained online presence, enhanced brand credibility, and business growth. 

Quality SEO requires time and consistent effort to see substantial rank improvements. It’s an ongoing process, needing regular updates and maintenance.

Remember, the right SEO strategy is crucial for maintaining and enhancing your search engine rankings, ensuring your business not only grows but thrives in the digital world.

Take Your SEO to the Next Level

Investing in SEO is more than a mere choice. It's a strategic move essential for the long-term growth and online presence of your business. With the insights we've shared, you're now better equipped to make informed decisions that will optimise your SEO investments.

Looking for more specific guidance or deeper insights? Our team at JRNY Digital is here to assist. We can help you fine-tune your SEO strategies and fully unleash your online potential. 

Are you ready to take your SEO to the next level? Reach out to us today!


How much does SEO cost monthly?

Small to medium Australian businesses typically spend between AUD 1,000 to AUD 5,000 per month on SEO. The cost varies depending on the range of services you need.

Why does SEO cost so much?

SEO is more than a single task. It's a complex mix of content creation, keyword research, and technical site optimisation. Continuously improving your search engine rankings is an ongoing effort.

What is the average price for SEO services?

Basic SEO services can cost between AUD 800 to AUD 2,500 per month. More comprehensive strategies may cost over AUD 5,000 per month.

How much should SEO cost per keyword?

Charging per keyword is less common now. SEO is more about the overall strategy than ranking for specific keywords. Some agencies may charge AUD 50 to AUD 500 per keyword, but it varies.

Why does SEO agency pricing vary so much?

The cost differences are due to the agency’s experience, your project's complexity, and the services offered. It's important to choose an agency that matches your specific needs.

What is the hourly rate for SEO?

SEO experts usually charge between AUD 100 to AUD 300 per hour. This rate reflects their skills, experience, and the tools they use.

What’s the average cost for SEO?

The average spending for Australian businesses on SEO ranges from AUD 1,200 to over AUD 10,000 per month, depending on the business's needs and the scope of the SEO strategy.


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