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3rd Story - Case Study

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

The challenge

3rd Story, a locally-based fashion brand nestled in suburban Melbourne, renowned for its unwavering commitment to sustainability and style. With a meticulous focus on comfort and a relaxed fit, 3rd Story curates an exclusive collection of easy-wearing shapes and layering pieces, thoughtfully designed to elevate your everyday wardrobe. Bursting with captivating colours and prints, their unique 'collection' items add a touch of vibrancy to your fashion ensemble.

An ambitious e-commerce company with a passion for growth and sustainability. As the brand endeavored to expand its digital footprint and reach a broader audience, they faced the challenging task of scaling profitably through Facebook ads. Initially, 3rd Story experienced considerable success, but soon encountered a frustrating plateau that led to a decline in profitability.

That's when they reached out to JRNY Digital for help.

Key problems

  • Inability to scale significantly: 3rd Story encountered challenges in expanding their operations and growing their business to meet the demands of an expanding customer base.

  • Profitability plateau: As the company attempted to scale, they experienced stagnation in their profit margins, hindering their financial growth and stability.

  • Resource allocation issues: Allocating resources effectively to support growth while maintaining profitability proved to be a complex balancing act for 3rd Story.

  • Operational challenges: Scaling the business brought forth various operational hurdles, such as streamlining processes and managing increased production volumes.

  • Market competition: In the midst of expansion, 3rd Story faced increased competition from other fashion brands vying for market share, impacting their growth potential.

  • Customer retention: Sustaining customer loyalty while expanding the customer base required careful attention to customer satisfaction and retention strategies.

  • New customer acquisition: The brand were very reliant on existing customers for daily sales. Although this was a great metric to have, generating new customers from cold traffic proved to be an issue.

  • Marketing and brand positioning: Effectively marketing their brand and maintaining a strong brand positioning were crucial to gaining traction in a competitive market and attracting new customers.

Our approach

Our approach focused on leveraging the brand and pulling all the levers we could to drive more acquisition on the front-end but also increase the lifetime value of each customer on the back-end. Within a few weeks of coming on board, we revamped and optimised their current Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads + Google Ads campaign to drive more high-quality traffic, improved the Shopify website through conversion rate optimisation to convert more users and set up automated email marketing systems to nurture new leads and drive customer retention.

The solution consisted of

  • Re-structure and re-building their Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads campaign & Google Ads Campaigns to be more methodical for scale and growth

  • Identifying and validating evergreen offers and ads that allow the brand to scale substantially

  • Resource allocation - directing budget to highest ROI channels and culling underperforming channels

  • Website conversion rate optimisation to improve conversion rates

  • Data analysis and forecasting to determine the most profitable product lines and to make optimal decisions on when to order the next shipment of stock

  • Taking a data-driven approach to scaling their campaigns to ensure we hit target MER / ROAS goals

The Results

✅ 5.31 Marketing Efficiency Ratio

✅ $843,334.26 Revenue from $158,820.01 in advertising spend

✅ Never failed to hit ROAS targets week-on-week since we've come onboard

The power of strategic insights, data-driven decisions, and our commitment to excellence, all of which contributed to 3rd Story's triumphant journey toward scaling profitably in the dynamic world of digital commerce.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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