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Online Beauty Brand - Case Study

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

The challenge

This online beauty brand is a fast-growing small business that offers lash kits and training. Although they had seen some strong growth in their online presence, they had issues in terms of strategic direction and scaling. The team had approached us after being burned down by many marketing agencies for being "too small" and "too risky" to work. After speaking with them and understanding their business metrics, we believed there was a lot of potential and decided to take them on board as a client.

Key problems

  • Previous digital marketing agencies weren't willing to work with this brand

  • Lack of strategic marketing direction in terms of how to scale and allocate resources

  • Scaling the business profitably using paid advertising and digital marketing activities

  • No consistency in their online sales as they were only relying on organic social media

  • Not a substantial amount of budget for advertising

Our approach

Our approach focused on understanding the business intimately and identifying the main drivers for revenue. Given their business has customers spread out across the globe, it was important to map out the main profit drivers for the business, including the demographics and psychographics of their best customers. Following this, we developed thumb-stopping creatives and a hyper-targeted social media advertising campaign to drive their best customers through to their website.

The solution consisted of

  • Develop a highly optimised Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads campaign

  • Ad Copy and Creative development

  • Audience segmentation analysis

  • Website conversion rate optimisation to improve conversion rates

The Results

✅ Revenue in 4 months: $290,907.88

✅ Ad Spend: $8949.95

✅ Blended ROAS: 32.50

Through our strategy, we were able to improve their revenue slightly month-on-month.

Coming into the second month, their products had sold out (hence the dip in February). However, we used this month to continuous prime their audience for when the products were back in stock. With the data we had gathered in the first 2 months of the campaign (and a re-stock of their products), we were able to run super optimised campaigns which saw a huge spike in growth in their 3rd month.

Within 4 months of working together, we helped them grow from averaging $50k per month, to achieving $100k per month (hitting record monthly revenue numbers on 3 separate occasions).

Marketing is a long-term game. You don't always see instant results.

However, when you leverage time and data, you can get some amazing results.

The brand is now consistently scaling and we're looking to continue the growth for many more months to come. With such a strong result in a short time span, it's safe to say that the risk of working with this client has paid off.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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