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Deconduarte - Case Study

The challenge

Established in September 2021 by Australian Fashion Designer Michelle Teles, Deconduarte is a premium fashion label designed to make women look and feel their best. Known best for their custom, handcrafted gowns, since joining JRNY in July 2022, the business has skyrocketed to success, becoming a favourite amongst Australian influencers, who are frequently spotted sporting the label on social media and reality television. Despite only advertising within Australia, the brand has done sales in over 15 countries, and with revenue continuing to hit new all time highs, the demand for growth is ever increasing.

Prior to coming onboard, Deconduarte was a little known brand and the founder Michelle would often have to follow-up with interested buyers over social media to secure their purchase.

Key problems

  • Relatively new brand with little awareness or market presence

  • Complicated checkout process to account for the custom component of designs.

  • Long fulfillment times due to the nature of the product (sometimes exceeding 4 weeks).

  • Need to gain enough brand awareness & market presence to be competitive within the niche.

  • Mitigate consumers frustrations regarding the lengthy fulfillment times & extended checkout process.

  • The lack of brand awareness, lengthy fulfillment times, and extended checkout process all proved a challenge, however with the right strategy we were able to turn each of these “threats” into brand-defining features.

Our approach

Following in the footsteps of brands like Mr Winston, we positioned the label as “exclusive” and “cool”, using the wait times and occasional sell-out periods to support this. We also personified the brand to match these expressions, flipping assumptions of the website from being “un-optimised” to part of the “too-cool-to-care” identity we were building. The results were a huge success, with several influencers purchasing and styling products of their own volition. This also allowed the label to expand into adjacent markets, giving consumers who couldn’t afford or justify a custom product the opportunity to buy-in.

The solution consisted of

  • Position the label as “exclusive” and a status symbol by personifying the brand to feel “cool”, “elevated”, and hard to get.

  • Utilise Meta advertising to amplify the message and using short, straight forward copy that feels more organic than a standard sales pitch.

  • Improve the website CRO and ordering process to increase conversion rates

  • Increase product-line and offerings to include both customised and off-the-shelf products

The Results

✅ Record-breaking revenue months

✅ 21.89 MER across all advertising platforms

✅ Revenue has increased 152% since onboarding

✅ Additional 154% Year-on-year growth to date.

✅ The business has grown from sole-trader status to having 3 full time employees in order to meet the increasing demand

✅ Product ranges have expanded to include Ready to Wear & branded merchandised items.

Michelle Teles

Founder at Deconduarte

The original objective for the brand was to turn the hobby into a thriving and sustainable business with full-time employees. The business has grown from sole-trader status to having 3 full time employees in order to meet the increasing demand. Something that we at JRNY Digital are extremely proud to have achieve for Deconduarte. We can't wait to see how far the brand will go over the next few years.

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