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Franklin Family Law - Case Study

The challenge

With over 30 years of experience, Franklin Family Law specialise in providing expert guidance and representation in all aspects of family and estate law including separation and divorce, property settlements, parenting arrangements, spousal and child support and international parenting disputes. Jennifer and the team at Franklin Family Law were looking for help to grow their local law practice. That's where JRNY Digital came in.

Key problems

  • Previous agency was not delivering results

  • Cost per lead was too high

  • Not generating enough leads

  • Investing a lot of money into marketing with minimal return

Our approach

The solution consisted of:

  • Landing Page Development to ensure congruency and a seamless user experience for potential customers looking for law services

  • Re-structuring the Google ads campaign to target only high-intent searches and advanced bid adjustments to only bid for keywords with the highest possible chance of converting

  • Running a Facebook Ads remarketing campaign to stay-top-of-mind and re-engaged website visitors that didn't convert

  • Organic social media management to increase brand recall and awareness

The Results

Through this omni-channel approach and building a seamless user experience for prospects, we were able to triple the quantity of leads at a 3x lower cost per lead within a month. So much so that we had to taper down the advertising spend in order for the team at Franklin Family Law to keep up with the demand.

✅ 300% increased lead quantity within 1 month

✅ $90 cost per lead (300% cost per lead improvement)

✅ 15% landing page conversion rate

✅ Highly qualified and high-intent leads

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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