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Property Specialists Australia - Case Study

The challenge

Property Specialists Australia is an Australian Specialist Disability Accommodation provider seeking to set a higher standard of living through their modern and fully integrated smart homes. A registered NDIS Provider, their homes are free to occupy so long as an individual qualifies. Since onboarding with JRNY Digital in late 2022, their business has expanded rapidly with properties appearing all across south-east Queensland.

The issue? They were struggling to get word out about their services. They knew they had the potential to make an impact but needed support to get there.

Key problems

  • Never used marketing before and no idea on strategy or how to get the word out there.

  • Highly regulated industry that demands careful consideration in advertising.

  • Long fulfilment timelines for Participants from initial enquiry to entering a home agreement.

Our approach

The solution consisted of

  • Build a dedicated landing page for their offering

  • Utilise Pay-Per-Click advertising to find people with high-intent looking for their services

  • Utilise Meta Advertising to amplify the message and drive eye-balls to the landing page

  • Craft high-converting copy that emphasises the value of their offering and keeps participants engaged regardless of the length of fulfillment timelines.

  • Highlight the aspects of the properties with higher barriers to competition to express the unique value of the business and position it above the rest.

  • Use direct language that balances political correctness against sounding truly relatable to the people we’re trying to reach.

The Results

✅ Captured the attention of over 300 relevant leads within the first 5 months of the campaign

✅ $45 Cost Per Lead

✅ Highly relevant leads including participants and their support networks, service providers and also paralympians local to the area.

Using the business’ unique ability to offer completely move-in ready homes as our foundation we elevated above the competition to create lasting impressions of quality that mitigated the pressure of long fulfilment timelines. We drove this home by enacting a copy strategy that balanced regulatory policies against sounding authentic and relatable. Ultimately, the outcome was a lengthy contact list of excited prospects and industry partners alike.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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