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Bang & Olufsen - Case Study

Updated: Apr 10

The challenge Bang & Olufsen is a global brand that delivers bespoke audio solutions suited to all occasions and needs. With huge brand awareness overseas and across multiple stores already established in Australia, Daniel and his team at Bang & Olufsen Adelaide were looking to penetrate the market with their new store in Adelaide. Unfortunately, they had a lot of difficulty given they were under a global brand and they weren't able to differentiate themselves too much. The problem was clear: how do you penetrate a market and differentiate your business when your branding is under the same umbrella as your competitors? Key problems

  • Brand new store in Adelaide so no customer loyalty already established

  • Under the Bang & Olufsen global brand so the branding and positioning had to be similar/the same as the other national stores

  • Need to generate immediate results to justify the investment for opening a new store

  • The website did not reflect the world's leading premium audio-visual brand and needed to be updated

Our approach After a long discussion with the team at Bang & Olufsen Adelaide, we realised the campaign had to be approached in a unique way. This wasn't just a normal ecommerce campaign where you can run a couple of ads and hopefully get some sales in the front-end. The sales cycle for many of their products was well over 1 month given some of their more exclusive items retail at approximately $50,000 AUD. We needed to treat this campaign as both an ecommerce & lead generation campaign. The approach was simple: Ecommerce = target cold audiences and get them to purchase their lower ticket items and generate new customers Lead generation = build the lead pipeline for their higher ticket items to nurture overtime The solution consisted of

  • A custom-built website in Shopify to provide the functionality to purchase online & enquire for higher-priced items

  • Utilise thumb-stopping Facebook Ads + highly targeted Google AdWords to generate brand awareness and convert cold prospects into new customers

  • Email Direct Campaigns to nurture prospects overtime and purchase their products

  • Programmatic advertising to ensure the brand continuously generated hype and attention

The Results 53 website enquiries 1289% increase in revenue within 1st month $38,630 online shopping revenue in 4 months $170,000 revenue confirmed in commercial fitout projects ✅ $16,889 ad spend ROAS = 12.35 Since we've come onboard, Daniel and his team have been absolutely stoked with the results. Within just 4 months of opening his store in Adelaide, he's been able to solidify his store as the top performing Bang & Olufsen store in Australia and is attracting a lot of attention overseas from the head office in Denmark. Watch this space, we're partnering with Daniel and his team long term and will be scaling this business to the moon! If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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