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Dirty Sultan Case Study

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

The challenge

The Dirty Sultan is a new business located in the heart of Brisbane's nightclub scene, they provide exclusive day beds, exotic Turkish cocktails and delicious meals to cater for all special events. Being a new business, they needed to make a statement, generate a lot of hype and most importantly - get as many bookings for their function rooms as possible. That's when they approached JRNY Digital.

Key problems

  • Brand new store in Brisbane so no awareness in the past

  • No online presence

  • Need to generate hype, demand and pre-bookings for their function rooms

Our approach

Our team worked with the client to come up with a strategy that would not only build the hype for the new business but also and convert those who were interested into paying customers.

The solution consisted of

  • Utilise thumb-stopping Facebook Ads to drive an insane amount of hype and demand for function room bookings and enquiries

  • Generate amazing PR to built the hype and demand

  • Improve the website experience to make it as easy as possible for new customers to book in a function room

The Results

Campaign results January 2021 - March 2021

✅ Amount spent: $2,907

✅ Purchases: 81

✅ Leads: 111

✅ Revenue: $27,700

✅ Return on ad spend: 9.53

Through understanding the customer journey, we were able to craft an omni-channel strategy that continuously generated demand and turned cold prospects into paying customers.

The best part about it? The return on ad spend only considers the upfront bookings and not even the leads we generated.

The 111 leads in the pipeline were for future bookings and events which translated into even greater returns for the ad spend.

Since we've come onboard, our client has received more business than they could handle and have frequently told us to pause the ads. Our campaign is working so well that they have to hire more stuff just to keep up with demand. A great problem to have for another new business!

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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