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Cane & Wood Emporium - Case Study

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The challenge

Cane & Wood Emporium is a small family-owned business located in Sydney, New South Wales. Established in the early 80's, the business had established itself amongst its peers as the go to place to restore, repair and import cane furniture and materials. Jeremy and his family had been running the business for 36 years without having the need to leverage much online presence. However, after several lockdowns due to the pandemic, their in-store sales had taken a huge hit and they were in search for a quick solution to turn things around. With a lack of walk-in traffic to their stores and no experience with digital marketing, things were looking grim -- That's why JRNY digital stepped in.

Key problems

  • Brand new business with ZERO online visibility

  • Never run any advertising or marketing in the past

  • Not a lot of budget

  • Needs results immediately

  • Pandemic limited the ability to drive people in store

Our approach

The approach was simple:

Craft an insanely high converting Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads campaign + improve the Shopify website to promote their best products and generate as many customers as possible.

The solution consisted of

  • Improve their current Shopify website

  • Develop a highly optimised Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads campaign

The Results

✅ Revenue: $32,929.58

✅ Ad Spend: $1,000

✅ ROAS: 32.92

✅ Increase in revenue from previous month: $23,615.28

Our clients are now busier than they've ever been and we are now scaling the budget + moving to different channels.

It's super rewarding to be helping small businesses not only survive but thrive during these difficult times.

With so many individuals in lockdown and more eyeballs online than ever before, businesses need to transition online if they can to make the most of this opportunity.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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