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Canvas Art Factory - Case Study

This is how we helped Canvas Art Factory make $85,000 from $15,000 ad spend in just 4 weeks.

The challenge Canvas Art Factory is a local Brisbane-based company known for selling paintings & artworks made from canvas. After operating for 20+ years, they never ran any digital marketing ads before and that's where we came on board. They wanted to drive online sales & increase the daily in-store traffic. Key problems

  • No online sales

  • Wanted to increase in-store foot traffic

Our approach Within 2 weeks, we created a custom-built Google Ads & Facebook campaign tailored around the best performing art categories & products. The Facebook had two objectives, to drive online sales & in-store traffic. We created a separate campaign for each objective and tracked everything to ensure we could track a ROI. On the other hand, the Google Ad campaign focused on attracting potential customers that were ready to buy. We focused on keywords with high intent like "custom canvas artwork printing brisbane" and "buy canvas art online." The solution consisted of

  • Custom Google AdWords campaign using high-intent based keywords to attract only the most qualified ‘ready-to-buy’ leads

  • Facebook lookalike audiences

  • Facebook remarketing

The Results Facebook

Timeframe: 4 weeks Ad Spend: $6,036 Cost Per Sale: $31 Sales revenue: $38,643+ in confirmed sales ROAS: 6.40 Google Search Ads Timeframe: 4 week Ad Spend: $5,777 Cost Per Sale: $22 Sales revenue: $48,816+ in confirmed sales ROAS: 8.45 Only after a few months of launching, The Canvas Art Factory had to re-stock almost their entire range due to too much demand. Who would have thought an art business would be in this situation? If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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