How A Home Improvement Company Decreased Their Cost Per Lead By 56% And Saved $7000 Per Month

The challenge

Our client in the home improvement space (not disclosed for privacy) was spending $10,000's in monthly advertising on Google Adwords with little to know idea around how to improve the results. With large corporate competitors in the space spending up to 5x that amount, it was extremely hard for them to stand out and compete in the market. Although they were getting okay results with their digital marketing, they weren't really sure what they were doing and how effective it really was. To add to this, the pressure of Covid-19 meant that every dollar generated for the business would be crucial in their ability to survive and grow through the pandemic. Discover how they managed to achieve a substantial return on their campaign after making a few slight changes...

Key problems

  • High competition from large corporate companies spending 5x their monthly advertising budget

  • Need to get a higher return on investment for the marketing spend to survive and scale the company through the pandemic

  • Immediate results

Our approach

After doing a quick strategy audit, the team at JRNY Digital found various issues within the account that needed improving. Most notably, the ad account had years of data that had not been leveraged within the account due to improper account management. To add to this, incorrect setup meant that all the conversion metrics within the account were incorrect. After some data analysis and account re-structuring, the client is finding success in their digital marketing strategy with an extremely optimised Google Adwords campaign. Our strategy has produced incredible amounts of high quality leads for half the cost almost instantly, saving the client up to $7000 per month!

Data Analysis Performed By JRNY Digital

The solution consisted of

  • Data analysis to determine campaign optimisations based on best performing age, day of week, hour of day, device, gender & quality

  • Fix conversion settings & adjust target location

  • Implementing negative keywords and keyword optimisations

  • Re-structuring the Google AdWords account to be more hyper-focused for conversions

The Results (after 2 months)

Decreased cost per lead from $162 to $91

Increased conversion rate from 4.49% to 6.78%

Savings per month ~$5,000

💸 Massive jump in revenue

Only after a month of launching, our client has received more leads than they previously did at half the cost per lead. With results like these after a few months since launching, the client now has the confidence to compete with the big corporate competitors in the industry - a journey we're happy to embark on with them.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!

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