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JH Plumbing & Drainage - Case Study

The challenge

JH Plumbing & Drainage is a newly formed business based in the Gold Coast. Jason had been working in the plumbing industry in 2007 and specialises in all aspects of commercial, residential and industrial plumbing. In late 2020, Jason decided it was time to start a brand new adventure and go out on his own. A first time business owner with not much experience with marketing. And to make things more difficult - Jason and his wife, Jenna recently welcomed a new-born into their lives. With not a lot of room for error and no time to waste, that's when he approached JRNY Digital for some help.

Key problems

  • Brand new business with ZERO online visibility

  • Never run any advertising or marketing in the past

  • Not a lot of budget

  • Needs results immediately

  • Recently had a new-born so there is no option but to make it work

Our approach

The approach was simple:

Generate as many highly qualified leads that are ready to buy as fast as possible whilst maintaining a budget that he could afford.

The solution consisted of

  • Building a dedicated landing page to increase the lead conversion rates

  • Develop a highly optimised Google AdWords campaign targeting only high-intent searches

  • Help Jason develop an offer that will generate as many customers as possible and yield him massive returns

The Results

✅ Amount spent: $867

✅ Clicks: 123

✅ Leads: 28

✅ Conversion rate: 22.76%

✅ Cost per lead: $30.9

✅ Revenue: $10,000+

The custom built landing page targeted specific keywords with extremely high intent to provide JHPD with the greatest conversion rates as possible. This means minimal ad wastage and more highly qualified leads.

For every 100 people that visited this page, approximately 22 people became a lead. Considering the average conversion rates on websites are 1-3%, it's not a bad result for a brand new business within the 1st month of launching!

Review from Jason's Partner - Jenna

Since working with JHPD, we've seen Jason's business grow from an idea to a fully fledged business. Jason and his partner, Jenna, are absolutely over the moon with how the campaign has performed and they've already started to think about scaling the business with new employees - something that Jason never would have imagine he'd be in the position to do when he first started the business.

That's why we're extremely proud of this campaign. Although it isn't the biggest campaign we've managed, it certainly is one of the most impactful we've had to date and that is our mission at JRNY Digital - to help everyday business owners grow.

If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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