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Smooth Service Tiling - Case Study

This is how we helped Smooth Service Tiling Generate $25,000 In Revenue With $1,330 In Ad Spend

The challenge Smooth Service Tiling is a local Brisbane-based wall and floor tiling company known for its customer service and attention to detail. Established back in the early 2000’s, they’re one of many businesses that started out with nothing but a dream - to provide a good service to those in need. With digital being at the forefront over many service-based businesses and aggregate pages such as hipages and serviceseeking taking up a lot of the tile installation market, it was hard for Smooth Service Tiling to get their name out there. They had tried traditional forms of paid marketing in the past but weren’t getting a positive return on investment. Discover how they achieved incredible results that just keep getting better… Key problems

  • High competition from aggregate pages taking up most of the service industry

  • Need to get a positive return on investment that is substantial and clearly translatable into their bottom line

  • Fast results

Our approach Smooth Service Tiling are finding success in their digital marketing strategy with a heavy focus in an optimised Google AdWords campaign to capture their most ideal customers when they’re ready. The right message, at the right time, to the right person through digital was the strategy. Our custom strategy delivered non-stop waves of new customers that were converting to sales within a couple of weeks of launching. The solution consisted of

  • Custom Google AdWords campaign using high-intent based keywords to attract only the most qualified ‘ready-to-buy’ leads

  • Optimised landing page to maximise website lead conversion rates from all ad clicks

  • Email automation sequence to maximise sales conversion rates

  • Fine Tuning Google AdWords keywords to double-down on converting search terms

The Results Cost Per Lead: $47.45 Conversion rate: 9.93% Quotes generated: 28 (totalling $40,000+ in revenue) Sales revenue: $25,000+ in confirmed sales Only after a few months of launching, Smooth Service Tiling have been inundated with more leads than they could keep up with. A great problem to have for a small business with a dream. If you're looking to get results like these, schedule in a free strategy consultation with us now!



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